Friday, September 3, 2010

Safety and Lab Techniques

September 1, 2010
Today, we started off class by grabbing six half sheets of paper to tape into our composition notebooks. Then, as we all sat in our seats, Mrs. M read Grace's scribe and assigned the homework which was to finish the lab techniques and safety equipment half sheets.

After we did the beginning of class routine Mrs. Mandarino had us watch three different movies about lab safety, what to wear in the lab, what to do in case of an accident and proper behavior while conducting a lab. During the lab safety section, Mrs. Mandarino paused the movie occasionally to highlight the most important rules. While in the other sections, Mrs. M. paused the movie to share expierences she has had in the past being a student and a teacher.

Next, we went over the lab techniques sheet and Mrs. M showed us what each piece of lab equipment looked like that was on the sheet and what the purpose of each one was. These pieces of equipment were a thermometer, beaker, Bunsen burner, funnel, test tube, Erlenmeyer flask, ring stand and a graduated cylinder.

Finally, the last sheet we went over was the safety equipment. This sheet had a map of the classroom which included the lab tables and Mrs. M's desk. We had to label the fire extinguisher, main gas shut off, eye wash, fume hood, fire blanket, exits and the shower. As we filled the map out, Mrs. Mandarino showed where each one was in the classroom and what we were supposed to do with each one.

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