Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Black Box Lab

Today as we walked into class we picked up 25 pieces of paper which we will be using for most of our new unit. However we did not use any of them. If you didn't finish the lab test retake then you had ten minutes to finish up but if you were done you began on the Black Box Lab.

In the black box lab, Mrs. M had set up 12 black obsertainers that each had it's own unique design on the inside. Each obsertainer had a metal ball bearing in it and you had to figure out what each obsertainer looked like on the inside by the moving it around and listening to how the ball bearing moved inside of it. After you had finished recording you results, we were told to start a work sheet we were giving about the scientists who discovered the atom and it's many purposes. You were supposed to have at least finished the section about Dalton by the end of the period.

The only homework for the night is the webassign which will be due at the end of the unit.

-Greer J.

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