Monday, September 20, 2010

Yesterday in class, the first thing that happened was Mrs. M doling out a healthy dose of admonishment for the neglect in lab hygiene and safety on the parts of periods 5 and 8.  Mrs. M then called us all up to the front of the room to stamp the labs we did on Friday.   I think that we then went over pages 16 and 17, but I'm not sure.   Mrs. M was handed out a review sheet for chapters 1 and 2, and passing back the quizzes that we took on some previous occasion.  We then discussed the upcoming "Sinker Project" that is to be carried out on Wednesday.  We will each be assigned one partner to work on this project.  A graduated cylinder, a vial, and some pebbles will be provided to each pairing, with the goal to made the vial sink as slowly as possible in water.  Bear in mind that water has a density of 1g/cm^3.  I think that we might have done some other things, and I'm not sure if any homework was assigned, but I sure hope there wasn't.

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