Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Density and Conversion Factors

Friday , September 10, 2010

Today we started class by reading the scibe post.  We found that we needed to review density a bit more.  Therefore Mrs. M went over the homework really thoroughly.  We found that we have to read the questions carefully to determine what the question is and what is the given information. Sometimes it helps if we list out our information.
Mrs. M showed us how the density of a mehane bubble is less dense than air. Before it reached the ceiling, Matt lit it on fire like the the college students in the below picture:

** NOTICE THAT THEY ARE NOT USING PROPER LAB SAFETY. Can you see what they are doing wrong?
Next, we began conversion factors.  We saw that when we are changing or converting one unit into another unit, we must be careful to place the values in the appropriate spots so that we can cancel out the unit that is not wanted.  For example,  when converting 127.5 inches into meters, notice the placement of the units.

127.5 in   x    2.54 cm   x      1 m       =  3.24 m
                        1 in            100. cm

We will work on conversion factors on Monday as well.

Worksheet p.11
Study for quiz on Metrics, Sig Figs, and Density

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