Friday, September 3, 2010

Metric System and Technology Accounts

September 2, 2010

Today in class we covered a decent amount.

Mrs. Mandarino started class by explaining Moodle to enhance our knowledge regarding it. Please use this as our home base. This page contains all of the necessary information on notes, assignments, labs, calendars, and homework. It also provides us with the necessary links for webassign, chemthink, etc.

After, we took notes about the Metric System (SI), and learned how it exactly functions.

  • We learned that this is a base 10 metric system used all over the world.
  • We can add prefixes to the base units. See notes for proper prefixes.
  • We must measure correctly to get proper data. ie: always measure at the miniscus and always measure one value past the last marked value - make sure to notice the smallest markings on the lab equipment. This will improve accuracy and precision (significant digits).

Later on the projector we looked at graduated cylinders with liquid inside, and practiced measuring it, we also looked over the measurement lab which should now be finished.

In the final minutes of class we looked at how to sign in to WebAssign and ChemThink

Compliments of period 8

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