Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chemistry Basics Review

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When I first walked into the classroom today, Mrs. Mandarino began in the usual manner of stamping homework, and she began with the review in the journal, of course. Mrs. Mandarino demonstrated us the correct ways to draw molecular and pure compounds, even in the cases of before and after a chemical change. We went over physical and chemical changes, and we even reviewed a handy helping of density equations. The unit conversions took a while to get through, but it all managed to come together when we did sig figs and scientific notation. We even got through precise measurement. Overall, today was not the most interesting of days by far, but it really managed to help a lot of people who were struggling with certain types of problems. A simple review day, to say the least. But at the very last moments of class, the teacher described the contents of the written lab we had to do on Thursday. Apparently, we were each assigned a partner for a glass vial lab. We had to fill a glass vial with sufficient amounts of gravel in order to sink to the bottom slowly, but not float. And there is no homework, aside from studying for the big lab test tomorrow. Durrr!

Dragomir O.

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