Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/16/10 Physical/Chemical Properties and Changes

In chemistry class today, we first got page 17 and the physical and chemical stations sheets to put inside our journals. Right after we finished taping in the sheets of papers that we had received, Mrs. M started on page 13 of our journals. We learned about substances and compounds and atoms. We also learned a way to memorize Diatomic elements: HONCl BrIF. Which means, H2, O2, N2, Cl2, Br2, I2, F2. After we moved on page 14 and we learned all about pure substances, pure substances are substances that only contain one kind of manner. Then we moved onto page 15. We learned how to right formulas and to draw out formulas of what the page told us to do, and right a description of it. After page 15, we took notes on Physical Properties, Chemical Properties, Physical Changes and Chemical Changes.

Physical Properties
  • characteristics you can observe (descriptive)
  • use your senses
  1. color
  2. size
  3. shape
  4. texture
  5. state
  6. odor/smell
Chemical Properties
  • the way a substance will behave
  1. flammable
  2. combustible
Physical Change - do not permanently change the substance
  • tearing
  • crushing
  • bending
  • dissolving
  • state changes --->solid--->liquid--->gas
  • melting
Chemical Change - substance is permanently changed
  • digestion
  • burning
  • rusting
Evidence that chemical change has occured
  • color change
  • odor change
  • production of heat
  • production of gas
  • sound and light show

  • bonds break, atoms rearrange, new bonds form
The homework is to finish page 16 in your journal and do the webassign and chemthink

-Taso K

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