Monday, August 30, 2010

Alka Seltzer Day 3 and Formal Labs

                Today in Chemistry we did our usual routine of listening to the scribe and getting assigned our homework for tonight, (work on formal lab and read pages 20-25).  Today we did not add any new pages into our notebooks. 
                We also finished our Alka Seltzer labs.  We finished part 3 which was to create a hypothesis/ problem and try to prove it.  We identified the dependent, independent, and controlled variables in our experiments.  Our group changed the temperature of the water using heat, and ice.  This was our independent variable.
                Later we were told that we will be going to the computer lab on Thursday to begin our Lab Write-Ups with our partner.  We also learned how to format a well written lab write-up. This includes:
1.  A title
2.  Name, period, date
3.  Purpose: A brief statement about the reason why you’re doing this lab.
4.  Pre-Lab questions:  Where you answer any pre-lab questions, if there were any.
5.  Hypothesis: State you’re hypothesis.  Usually an if....then statement
6.  Procedure:  Describe you’re exact steps on how you performed your lab and number them.  “Should be able to read procedure and know exactly how to do lab”.  We should also get the same results.
7.  Date: any data you collected - to be put in a data table.
8.  Graph:  Create a graph explaining your data.  Ex.  time and temperature.  The x-axis is the independent variable and the y-axis is the dependent variable.
9.  Post-lab questions:  Where you answer any post-lab questions, if there were any.
10.  Conclusion:  Look back at purpose for your conclusion statement.
11.  Analysis of error:  Ask yourself “how certain are you?” and refer to accuracy.

Grace P.

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