Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Single and Double Replacement Labs

Alright, so today in class we went over the double and single replacement labs that we did with Mr. Tucker Monday. If you missed it you should have the papers in your journal but if not, there are copies on the back counter of the classroom. Tonight our homework is to review the quiz that we took on Friday, and correct any mistakes that we might have made. Above I've posted pictures from the board and those are the answers from the chemical reactions lab that we went over in class today.For a review, single reactions replace a single uncombined element replaces another in a compound. Two reactants yield two products.
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In a double replacement reaction, parts of two compounds switch places to form two new compounds.
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Also, don't forget to balance!

By Corey L.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

scribe post December 9

Today in Chemistry Mrs. M told us to not talk and be obnoxious when she is talking. Then she told us she got the presents for the little kids, after that we went over page 18 in our journal which was our homework, and the class seemed to understand it very well. After page 18 we went onto page 19, and learned about predicting products, using the reactions, synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, and combustion. To predict the product you first have to find what type of reaction it is, then you have to create the product by the different reaction rules, and finally when you have your product you simply balance the equation. We did numerous problems to practice our new topic. After that Mrs. M assigned page 20 for homework, and she gave us time to start it. All in all it was a blast!

By Simone K