Monday, September 27, 2010

Lab Test Take Two

    As we walked into class today we picked up four pages to put into our notebooks. The first two were all about Unit Two: Atomic Structure. It had the Unit 2 Objectives and Schedule on them. The second two pages were a "Black Box Lab" which we did not get to today. 

   After the class got settled Mrs. M handed back tests. The class average was around 83%, good job everybody! We went over the tests and handed them back to Mrs. M. You can come in and see them before finals if you would like. Other than that, they're Mrs. M's to keep. We were also given grade sheets today. All grades besides the lab test were on there.

   Our lab tests didn't turn out quite so well. In fact, we re-did the write up today in class. Nobody got a grade on the original sheet we handed in. Instead, we filled out a new packet using the calculations from our original lab. If you didn't finish in class today you should have put a star on your paper and you will be given about 10 minutes tomorrow to do it in class. Hopefully things go better this time!
  If you missed the Chem day on Friday Mrs. M will assign you problems to do from the book to make up for it. If you would rather look up the episode (helium footballs and catching a bullet in your teeth) online and take notes, that will also be accepted. 

-Molly C.-


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