Monday, August 30, 2010

Alka Seltzer Day 3 and Formal Labs

                Today in Chemistry we did our usual routine of listening to the scribe and getting assigned our homework for tonight, (work on formal lab and read pages 20-25).  Today we did not add any new pages into our notebooks. 
                We also finished our Alka Seltzer labs.  We finished part 3 which was to create a hypothesis/ problem and try to prove it.  We identified the dependent, independent, and controlled variables in our experiments.  Our group changed the temperature of the water using heat, and ice.  This was our independent variable.
                Later we were told that we will be going to the computer lab on Thursday to begin our Lab Write-Ups with our partner.  We also learned how to format a well written lab write-up. This includes:
1.  A title
2.  Name, period, date
3.  Purpose: A brief statement about the reason why you’re doing this lab.
4.  Pre-Lab questions:  Where you answer any pre-lab questions, if there were any.
5.  Hypothesis: State you’re hypothesis.  Usually an if....then statement
6.  Procedure:  Describe you’re exact steps on how you performed your lab and number them.  “Should be able to read procedure and know exactly how to do lab”.  We should also get the same results.
7.  Date: any data you collected - to be put in a data table.
8.  Graph:  Create a graph explaining your data.  Ex.  time and temperature.  The x-axis is the independent variable and the y-axis is the dependent variable.
9.  Post-lab questions:  Where you answer any post-lab questions, if there were any.
10.  Conclusion:  Look back at purpose for your conclusion statement.
11.  Analysis of error:  Ask yourself “how certain are you?” and refer to accuracy.

Grace P.

Experimental Design & Alka Seltzer Lab

Friday 8/27
Today in chemistry, we took some notes on how to create valid experiments. (These notes can be found on moodle.) We learned the difference between indepenent, dependant, and controlled variables. We also began the alka-seltzer experiment. During part 2 of the experiment, we learned that the build up of pressure within the film canisters forced the top to pop off! We began to change the amount of water within the canister to see if that had an effect on the time it took for the lid to pop off.

Alka Seltzer Rocket After Reaction

Annika S.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Policy Wrap-up and Procedures

August 26

Today in Chemistry we came in and got settled, then we turned in our homework, and taped a few pages into our composition notebooks. Next, Mrs. M talked more about digital ethics. After that, we took a 25 question pretest, and to end the class period Mrs. M started introducing the Alka-Seltzer lab, and assigned us our homework. It was a really easy and relaxed Chemistry class.

Simone K

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day Policies and Tools

My scribe-

Today we walked into class and once we were settled in we got our assigned seats. Mrs Mandarino introduced herself and handed out papers. These papers included the materials we need to bring to class and grading scale. We learned how to use moodle on the net books. Mrs. Mandarino also talked about writing sketches. 'twas a lovely day.

Corey L.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scribe List

Avraham K.     Meghan F.      Dania K.            Shivam P.      Jack H
Daniel B.        Emily F           Anastasios K.      Michael P      Eleanore Y

Mike B.         Meghan G.      Simone K.          Kaitlin S.

Greer J.          Corey L.         Maxwell S.        Grace P

Molly C          Michael J.       Dragomir O.      Annika S.

Christian F.     Se Hee K.       Kiva T.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome Post

Let the fun begin!
Welcome!  You have sucessfully found our class blog.  This is a place to see what happens in class everyday.  It can help you review; ask a question that you didn't get a chance to ask in class; or find out what you missed if you have been absent.  Please feel free to share this blog with your parents.

Before you begin blogging, please view the video to learn how to become an author on our blog. Please be sure to choose an appropriate screen name.  This name should allow me to identify you while also maintaining your privacy.  Please do not use your last name!  Before you dive into blogging, please read this entire post.

How to become an author

What is a scribe post?
When we think of blogging, many times we think of posting ideas on facebook or twitter.  While we use blogging for social networking, it can also be used as a valuable educational tool.  Every day one student will be responsible for creating a post describing what went on in class that day.  These posts are called scribe posts and will be the bulk of our blog.  The person who makes the scribe post for the day will assign the scribe for the next post the following day in class.  Once you complete your post, please make sure to cross your name off the scribe list on the next post.

Labels are also known as tags.  They are important in keeping our blog organized.  They will also help me keep track of your contributions for your grade.  You must include the following 3 labels:
1.  Your name = please use your first name and last initial
2.  The unit we are studying = see moodle for appropriate unit names
3.  The type of post it is = Most will be "scribe" posts.  Later we will introduce the "on my mind" post.

Digital Ethics!
Remember, blogging is a very public arena.  Anything you post on the internet, will always be on the internet.  Even if you delete a post, it may remove it from the blog, but copies of the post may exist all over the internet.  Therefore, we must be very careful to respect your privacy and the privacy of other classmates by:
1.  Using only first names. 
2.  Never posting any pictures of ourselves.
3.  Never including information about activities in our own lives.
4.  Always using good judgement.

Blogging rules to live by!
  1. Blogspaces are classroom spaces.  Speech and actions that are inappropriate for class are also inappropriate for our blog.  Please remember to always be respectful.
  2. NEVER give out or record personal information on our blog.  Do not share anything that you do not want the world to know.
  3. Remember, our blog is a public space.  If you put it on the internet, chances are that it will remain on the internet for a very long time.  These posts may effect your future.  It might be possible for a future employer to discover things about you through thoughts you posted in your younger years.  Be sure to post thoughts that you are proud of.
  4. Never add a link to your post that you have not thoroughly read.  Make sure you want to be associated with the link before you add it to your post.
*** Please take a few minutes to view the following video!