Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30 ChemThink in class

In the class of September 30 we met in the science computer lab. We worked on two ChemThink's. One was entitled Atomic structure, and the other Ions. Like always you log on and read the tutorial before doing the questions related to it to be able to answer them best. Below are some notes that I found helpful for the ChemThink questions.

Atomic Structure
  • Proton
  1. +1 charge
  2. Heavy mass
  3. Inside nucleus
  4. Determines identity of atom by the atomic number
  • Electron
  1. -1 charge
  2. Virtually 0 mass
  3. Outside of nucleus
  4. Responsible for reactivity
  5. Constantly in motion
  • Neutron
  1. 0 charge
  2. Heavy mass
  3. Inside nucleus
  4. Holds together nucleus
Atomic number=The number of protons found on the periodic table
Neutral atoms= Same number of electrons as protons

Ions- individual atoms or groups of atoms that have a charge
  1. Ions are formed when, at certain times, atoms gain or lose one or more electrons.
  2. (-) ions can only be formed by gaining electrons.
  3. (+) ions can only be formed by losing electrons.
  4. Protons are never gained or lost when ions are being formed.

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