Friday, February 18, 2011


Since Dan has failed us twice, I am sharing 8th period's scribe:

Yesterday in class we finished our Mixtures Lab. We took each of the four mixtures and completed the evaporation test and went on to the filtrate lab. To fill out the back sheet of the paper, we can use the notes we took in class on Wednesday. If you want to check if you got the correct results, they are on moodle.
We also learned about solubility and dissolving. We learned that there are two categories of solutions: the solutes and the solvents.

-What is being dissolved
-Usually smaller amount

-What deos the dissolving
-Usually the greater amount

Ionic Compounds: When they are dissolved in water they split into ions (dissociation)

Covalent Compounds: When they are dissolved in water they do not split

*When the compounds are dissolved in water you change the subscrips to (aq), which means in water*

The homework is to finish the Mixtures Lab.

[The notes Mrs. Mandarino gave us in class are on moodle, in the notes section.
If you missed ChemDay, the make up assignment can be found in the homework log section on moodle.]

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