Monday, November 22, 2010

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Monday November 22, 2010

We started chemistry class today by picking up Polarity Olympics: The Games sheets and getting Polarity of Molecules 2 (pg 26) stamped. Before starting the lab we learned that polar molecules are molecules that have both a positive and negative side like water. Also, intermolecular forces are when the attraction is weaker than the bonds that hold it together, but is strong enough to affect the properties of water. We then started the Polarity Olympics lab which had two parts, The Trials and The Games.

The Trials:

Trial 1- The Penny Pile-on: In this trial each liquid will try to create as large a pile on a penny as possible.

Trial 2- The Capillary Tube Climb: In this trial each liquid will try to climb as high as possible in a vertical glass tube.

Trial 3- The Marker Clean Up: In this trial each liquid will try to clean two types of marker from glass.

The Games:

Part 1- Solubility: In this part we each liquid was added to water to see if they would mix.

Part 2- Volatility and Surface Tension: In this part each liquid was ranked in its ability to spread on a table and evaporate.

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